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Litigation- How We Can Help

Litigation refers to a procedure that is proceeding through the traditional court process.

We are often contacted by clients who are going through the court process or who have been served with papers and they need somebody to help them protect their interests while the court process is taking place.

Litigation can relate to either a matter involving a partnership, a business or property.

Litigation is not always by choice and clients often fear that this process will increase conflict or cost between two parties, although out-of-court settlements can still be reached with the assistance of a solicitor, who can act as someone who will resolve a dispute.

Sometimes clients who are already in the court process or who have already been served with court papers contact us as they require a solicitor to help them navigate the court process and protect their interests.

The difference between litigation and other procedures such as mediation or collaborative law is that the court process is open and not confidential, which means any member of the press or public can watch proceedings.

It usually costs more to launch litigation proceedings but we can help to limit damage to finances or reputations if such a process is being launched against you.

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